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Posted by admin on 2010/2/12 6:40:00 (1514 reads)


Ladies please wear Red!!!

Special Martinis $5

Latin Mix Party: EVERY FRIDAY @ Havana Martini Club 10:00pm-1:30 am.

FREE Dance Lessons at 9 PM


The best of Latin Music: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton!!!

With FREE admission, Cincinnati's BEST Salsa dancers, and the BEST Latino DJ in town, the legendary Rudy Alvarez, spinning the hottest Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton, this is the best place for Latin music on Friday nights...

EVERY FRIDAY  - Latin Mix Party  in Havana Martini Club!

Posted by admin on 2010/2/11 9:30:00 (1793 reads)

Join the Heat Wave!

As every year, MidwestLatino is partnering with our friends from Chicago to promote the Annual Chicago Salsa Congress

February 11-14, 2010

the 9th Annual Chicago International Salsa Congress

The Premier Latin Music and Dance Event in the Midwest returns for our ninth spectacular year!

Buy your tickets TODAY - click here

Don't forget: Saulo Cepeda is doing a special workshop in Cincinnati for people going to Chicago (click here)


Check out more of our videos from the Chicago Salsa Congress on YouTube (click here)

Posted by admin on 2010/2/1 2:20:00 (2004 reads)

Please register now for Educating Latinos for Kentucky’s Future (ELKF) 1st Annual Conference, which will take place February 11-12, 2010.

This conference, Opportunities and Challenges Facing Latino Students in the Commonwealth, will take place at Northern Kentucky University and will highlight the following items:

  1. Thursday, Feb. 11  - Pre-conference Workshop
  2. Thursday, Feb. 11 – Conference Opening Reception – Fiesta Latina!
  3. Friday, Feb. 12 – Conference for Professionals
  4. Friday, Feb. 12 -  Conference for College Student Leaders

 Who should attend? Educators, public and private sector, community leaders, non-profit, etc.

The keynote speaker for Friday’s conference will be Dr. Richard Fry, Senior Research Associate for the Pew Hispanic Center. Also attending the conference and making special remarks will be Mrs. Rosa Rosales, LULAC National President. 

For more information and to register:

Posted by admin on 2010/1/23 11:00:00 (4979 reads)


The Parties @ El Havanero have been CANCELLED!!!! 

Bachata, Reggaeton,
Salsa, Merengue!

With the hottest Salsa DJs in town: Los Rumberos!

HUGE dance floor, free parking!!!

Admission: $5
Ladies FREE before 11 PM

Ladies: 18+
Gentlement: 21+


El Havanero
6435 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH

FREE Dance lesson at 9 PM with Veronica Rocco from Danse Royale Ballroom Studio

    Veronica Rocco

Our last party on Saturday, January 9th, was great, with a fantastic dance lesson by Veronica Rocco:


More pictures are in our Facebook Photo Gallery or in our Photo Gallery here

And thanks to all who came out to support us and enjoy Latin Rhythms!!!

Posted by admin on 2010/1/18 0:20:00 (2835 reads)


Upcoming MidwestLatino Events in Havana Martini Club:

* Every Wednesday: Havana Nights

* Every Friday: Latin Mix Party

And every Wednesday: Birthday Dances.

Last Wednesday: celebrating Birthday of Elena & Brandy

#gallery 21-5

For more pictures, visit us on Facebook or in our Photo Gallery

Posted by admin on 2010/1/16 0:00:00 (1833 reads)

We would like to join us all in helping victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Our main relief organization of choice is the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund

Please donate directly to this fund or any other organization of your choice, or donate at any of our events.

Thank you!

Posted by admin on 2010/1/14 8:30:00 (2767 reads)
From our good friend Saulo Cepeda (check out his B-Day video):
Hello to all avid and aspiring Salseros in the area (i.e. as far and wide an area as this e-mail reaches).  Some of you already know that I am aiming to start a set of 6 week Salsa series at Step-n-Out Studio in Covington, KY.  The classes focus strickly on Social Salsa (as opposed to performance) techniques.  I start teaching on Friday, Jan 22.  Below are some details on the classes I intend to offer.  General prices are below the descriptions:
1) "Zero to Hero" Social Salsa Series (Part 1): Friday’s (7 – 8 pm)
This is a six week group class specially designed for either absolute beginners as well as those of you who had some recent instruction but little experience (6 weeks - 12 months) in Salsa. 
You know... the Salsa bug bit you hard and fast, you got the basics down pat, and you are starting to master the rhythm. You are totally addicted but... you are dying to get sharp and look good on the dance floor fast!  You want to take the fist strong steps be a smooth lead or a sharp follower.
The class starts from the very basics and covers all fundamental techniques that you should know in order to truly stand out on the dance floor.  Leaders will not only learn to lead smoothly, clearly and on time.  They will also learn the key to creating and improvise multiple patterns (yes, even at the beginner level).  Followers will learn proper timing, footwork, preparation and execution techniques to recognize and follow the most common styles of salsa.  Basic Styling techniques will be introduced as well so both male and female can learn to make their movement more gracious and visually attractive on the dance floor without interfering with partner-work!
Part 2 of this series is scheduled to begin in Mar and will pick up where part 1 leaves in order to develop you into a fully proficient salsa dancer up to an intermediate level.
2)  Advanced Fundamentals for Beginner/Intermediate Salsa Dancers: Fridays (8 – 9 pm)
This is tailored for dancers who feel clearly at home with the basics footwork, combinations and the rhythm of salsa and are now capable of learning/executing increasingly complex salsa patterns comfortably.  After hard and fast review of the fundamentals on the first two weeks, the class will introduced new patterns every week with the purpose to introduced/work/master specific skills!

If you have taken lessons and/or have been dancing for more than a year but are somehow frustrated with your progress this class is for you.  If you are wondering what the secret is to create, lead/follow complex (or improvised) patterns at higher levels with ease you will be in the right place.  If you want to be the follower every Lead seeks to dance with first, you really need to be here! 

Group ClassIndividual PriceCash DiscountCouples Cash Discount
Walk ins $15nono
6 Class Series$65$60$110
New Student Special (Limited to first 12 students to sign in)
Two 30 minutes private lessons + 6 group lesson series  

That's is all for now. You may contact me at CSAULO@YAHOO.COM for additional questions or details.  Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think might be interested. Looking forward to hear from you soon. I will stay in contact,

Yours truly,

Saulo Cepeda
P.S. Below is a separate project for your early consideration.  Enjoy!

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Posted by admin on 2010/1/14 8:20:00 (1637 reads)

It happened to all of us - we dance in a crowded club, and accidentally step on somebody. The polite dancers apologize and move on. However, if the same guy runs into you 5-6 times during one song, something is wrong. Obviously, they need some extra education :)

So we've asked couple of expert teachers to show the cross-body lead the way it should be done in a crowded club. 

Please respect other dancers' space and stay SAFE on the dance floor!!!


Posted by admin on 2010/1/1 5:00:00 (1904 reads)

The HOTTEST Latino New Year's Eve Party in Cincinnati!

Say "Goodbye" to 2009 Latino style!

9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

El Havanero
6435 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH

With the hottest Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton! With the hottest Salsa DJs in town: Los Rumberos!

HUGE dance floor, free parking!!!

Ladies: 18+
Gentlement: 21+


The 2009 Party will be TWICE AS MUCH FUN as last year!!!!

Thank you everybody who came to the party!!!!

More pictures are in our Photo Gallery

Posted by admin on 2009/12/18 5:20:00 (3334 reads)
SHPE ConferenceThe SHPE Conference is the major event for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Inc. and the largest technical and career conference for Hispanics in the country.

Each year, the SHPE Conference attracts over 5,000 engineering professionals, students and corporate representatives. The conference is an opportunity for engineering companies and corporations to recruit top talent from SHPE membership. It also provides educational, technical and career opportunities for professional and student engineers.

This year, the 2010 SHPE Conference will take place in Cincinnati, OH  October 27 to October 31, 2010.  For information, visit

Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact: Stacy Dees
Phone: 817.914.0861

Download Sponsorship Brochure

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is the source for quality Hispanic engineers and technical talent, committed to enhancing America's position in math, science, engineering and technology with a strong and talented Hispanic workforce. SHPE empowers its membership of students and professionals with increased educational opportunities, professional and personal growth, and involvement in education, business and government issues.

To Join SHPE, please:

Go to:
Click on the tab:  Join SHPE
Hit the button:  Apply Now

Posted by admin on 2009/12/7 9:40:00 (2562 reads)

Information from Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs:

Policy Alert:  BMV Injunction DENIED

As you may know, the League of United Latin American requested an injunction in the Franklin County Municipal Court to prevent the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) from executing a December 8, 2009 cancellation of thousands of motor vehicle registrations that were registered using a third-party transaction.  LULAC sought to prohibit the BMV from requiring those who used a third party transaction (such as power of attorney) to provide a valid Ohio driver's license, identification card or Social Security number. Magistrate Pamela Browning issued a ruling today DENYING the injunction.

We have not yet received the grounds for the ruling, but will make this available as soon as possible.

Effective 12:00 a.m. midnight tonight, those who have not re-registered their vehicles in compliance with the new BMV policy will be in violation of the law and subject to stops by law enforcement officials. Failure to register a vehicle is a violation of the law and is a fourth degree misdemeanor, which is subject to penalties of a maximum of 30 days in jail and $250 in fines (ORC § 4503.11).  Furthermore, failure to display registration on the vehicle is a minor misdemeanor, subject to a penalty of a maximum of $150. (ORC § 4503.21).

Alerta Especial: Requerimiento Preliminar Legal  ante el BMV (Dirección Vehicular) ha sido DENEGADA

Como recordarán, LULAC – [League of United Latin American Citizens] solicitó un requerimiento preliminar legal ante el Tribunal Municipal del Condado de Franklin para prevenir que la Dirección Vehicular (BMV)  autorizara a partir del 8 de diciembre la cancelación de miles de registros vehiculares que fueron registrados por medio de transacciones que usaban a terceros.  LULAC tenía como meta que se le prohibiera al BMV exigir a aquellos que usaron a terceros (como por ejemplo a través de carta poder)  la presentación de una licencia de conducir válida para Ohio, tarjeta de identificación o número de seguro social.  La Magistrada Pamela Browning dictó su veredicto hoy día DENEGANDO el requerimiento legal.

Al momento, no hemos recibido las bases del fallo, apenas la información esté disponible, la pondremos a su disposición.

Efectivo a la media noche 12:00 a.m. de hoy día, aquellos que no han vuelto a registrar sus vehículos de acuerdo a la nueva ley del BMV estarán en violación de la ley y serán sujetos a paradas por la policía.  El incumplimiento del registro de vehículo es una violación de ley y es un delito menor del cuarto grado, el cual está sujeto a castigos de un máximo de 30 días en prisión y $250 en multas (ORC § 4503.11).  Aún más, el no desplegar la placa en el vehículo es un delito menor sujeto a una multa de un máximo de $150. (ORC § 4503.21).

Posted by admin on 2009/11/15 5:30:00 (3880 reads)

The Latin Mix Thursdays are moving to Fridays!!!

The best of Latin Music: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton!!!

Latin Mix Party: NOW EVERY FRIDAY @ Havana Martini Club 10:00pm-1:00 am.

Starting: Friday, November 20th, 2009

FREE Dance Lessons at 9 PM

With FREE admission, Cincinnati's BEST Salsa dancers, and the BEST Latino DJ in town, the legendary Rudy Alvarez, spinning the hottest Salsa, Merengue, Bachata (and Reggaeton after Midnight), this will be the best place for Latin music on Friday nights...

Posted by admin on 2009/11/4 11:00:00 (3092 reads)

On November 20, 2009 CSI:NY star and cum laude Harvard Law School graduate Hill Harper will help the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati honor 41 diverse professionals who share a common passion for inspiring young people on paths of success. Unique to the Salute to YMCA Black & Hispanic Achievers Gala, all honorees made a year-long commitment to serving the program as a volunteer role model and mentor to more than 600 teens.  The Gala will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Duke Energy Center.

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Posted by admin on 2009/11/4 6:40:00 (2619 reads)

Governor Ted Strickland announced on Oct. 30, 2009, the appointment of Keila Cosme to the 6th District Court of Appeals. Cosme will be the first Hispanic American to serve on any of Ohio’s 12 District Courts of Appeals.

Keila Cosme, 40, of Toledo, fills the seat vacated by the death of Judge William Skow.

“Keila is an accomplished attorney who has exemplified competence and professionalism throughout her career,” Strickland said. “Her unique life experiences and determination to overcome barriers will add a distinct voice to the Court of Appeals.”

Cosme will take the bench on November 16. To retain the seat, she must run in the November 2010 general election.

Cosme has served as a partner with the law firm of Cosme, D’Angelo, and Szollosi since 2001. She previously served as an attorney for the Law Offices of Keila D. Cosme from 1998-2001 and for the firm of Calfee, Halter and Griswold from 1995-1998. While Cosme’s practice has focused primarily on commercial and civil litigation, Cosme has also counseled and represented private and pro bono clients on a wide range of legal matters that fall within the jurisdiction of the appeals court, including criminal, domestic relations and juvenile law.

Cosme came to the United States from Puerto Rico at the age of 17 to attend Boston University. While pursuing a double major, Cosme’s English language skills were so underdeveloped that she had to audio-record class lectures and translate them into Spanish to fully understand the subject matter. She managed to overcome these obstacles and became proficient in the English language through use of a Spanish/English dictionary and translation of her undergraduate course material.

Cosme serves as a member of the Ohio Association for Justice and the Hispanic National Bar Association and the Ohio Hispanic Bar Association. She also serves as a member of the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee.

“I’m honored by this appointment, and I am committed to serving the Court of Appeals with integrity and fairness,” Cosme said.

Cosme received a bachelor’s degree from Boston University in 1990 and a law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1994.

 You Tube



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