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Posted by admin on 2006/10/2 22:40:00 (2023 reads)

Another great Salsa night @ Mad Frog, with people enjoying the awesome new dance floor and Non-Smoking room!

Pictures from this week's Salsa with Tropicoso @ Cincinnati's hottest Latino spot - "The Mad Frog", are on the Web in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here).

Each Monday, Mad Frog has its basement open - with the best in Reggaeton and Hip-hop. It's like having two clubs in one: live Salsa/Merenge upstairs with Tropicoso, and Reggaeton and Hip-hop downstairs!
Posted by admin on 2006/10/2 7:10:00 (1748 reads)
26th Annual MiddFest in Middletown was focusing this year on China, but as usual, it presented other cultures as well. Among them was a Salsa Band (Latin Fiesta from Philadelphia). And it was nice to see many Latinos supporting this festival: by volunteering to help or just by participating.

The organizer did a great job in presenting China - via exhibits, dance, music, food, and performances. It's truly inspirational to see so many people in a small city like Middletown to volunteer their time organize such a multi-cultural festival for 26 year in a row and contributing to better understanding between various ethnic groups in the area.


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here...)
Posted by admin on 2006/10/1 22:30:00 (2165 reads)

The Latino Student Affairs Office at Northern Kentucky University organized on September 30, 2006 a Latino Art Festival. The festival was intended to showcase Latin America's wide variety of cultures as expressed through art, literature, theater, food, and crafts.

Among the performers were Azucar, La Troupe Tanguera, Danza Contigo Peru, Que Lindo es Panama, and Son del Caribe.


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here...)
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Posted by admin on 2006/9/30 2:40:00 (1754 reads)

The 2nd installment of the GLOBAL FUSION PARTY, this time with focus on BRAZIL was a total success!

The live Capoeira demonstration and Belly dancing mesmerized the audience!


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here)
Posted by admin on 2006/9/29 10:40:00 (2306 reads)
Kentucky Commission on Human Rights invited MidwestLatino to be a panelist at Kentucky Hispanic & Immigrant Networking Summit, that took place today, Sep. 29th.

The Summit was an excellent opportunity to foster mutual understanding and increase communication and collaboration between federal, state, and local government and the immigrant community.

Invited were directors from Latino centers, representatives from Hispanic media outlets, Hispanic educators and entreprenours from across Kentucky to share information about housing, employment, business, education, media outlets, and other topics. Representatives from state, federal, and local government agencies shared information about their programs.


More pictures are in the Louisville section of our Photo Gallery (click here)
Posted by admin on 2006/9/26 5:00:00 (1522 reads)

Midwestlatino has recently visited Community Action Agency (CAA) in Cincinnati to learn more about their work in the community, and their support for Latinos/Hispanics in this area.

Community Action was created with the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) of 1964 as a part of President Lyndon B. Johnson's "War on Poverty." The ambitious purpose of this statute was to eliminate the causes and consequences of poverty in the United States. The act established a federal Office of Economic Opportunity, headed by Sargent Shriver, and created organizations called Community Action Agencies (CAAs) that would develop strategies to solve local issues of poverty.

The mission of CAA is to "To act as advocate, provider and facilitator for the full range of public and private resources, programs and policies which give low- to moderate-income individuals the opportunity to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities."

Since many of the Latino families fall into this category, CAA is making a concious effort to reach out to them.

And it definitely helps to have a Latino on the Board of Directors. V. Anthony Simms-Howell, member of the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, has been a pillar of the Latino community for years and now is making sure that CAA has the required resources to serve the Latino community. They have a total of 385 employees of which 15 are Latinos. They also have two Spanish speaking non-Latino employees. All of their services are designed with Latinos in mind - Voice messages are done in Spanish; Some staffs are attending now Spanish classes, and all program information is done in both English and Spanish.

Under the leadership of CEO Gwen L. Robinson, CAA is constantly expanding its services and the positive impact on the community. The agency moved last year to their new location at Jordan Crossing, providing state of the art facility for their visitors. The most important service is the Head Start, an early childhood educational program, which is based on a program championed by LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens).

To learn more about CAA, visit their Website:


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here).
Posted by admin on 2006/9/25 3:00:00 (1731 reads)
FreedomYP will celebrate FREEDOM OF HOPE on Thursday, September 28 at the Freedom Center.

The Freedom Center has two new exhibits: September 11th: A Global Response, Personal Reflection and "Breaking Through: the Reintegration of Pro Football." Tour both of these exhibits on Thursday as part of the "Freedom of Hope" event hosted by FreedomYP. Local firefighters and police will be on hand as well as special guests. This event features food from Macaroni Grille and a cash bar.

The event costs only $6 - Freedom Center Members are free. Purchase a Freedom Center Membership at the event and get in each of the monthly events for free. Cincinnati police and firefighters are free!

To further explore the meaning of hope in the face of devastation, Freedom of Hope will be included in FIVE DAYS FOR DARFUR, an extended weekend of events to raise awareness of and provide a unified response to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Save Darfur wristbands and information will be available, and guests will be able to view a short documentary on Nick and George Clooney's spring 2006 visit to the war-torn region as well as a presentation on the conflict and how they can help. For a complete listing of FIVE DAYS FOR DARFUR events, please visit .

$6 at the door (Freedom Center members are FREE!)

SAVE THE DATE! FREEDOM of DANCE, Thursday, October 26th
Posted by admin on 2006/9/24 11:40:00 (2107 reads)
The Sixth Annual Copa Su Casa 2006 Soccer Tournament at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds just finished this Sunday, September 24, 2006. The organizers invited top 8 teams from the area to crown the Hispanic Champion of 2006 in a Lightning single elimination tournament. There were teams from Florence, Hamilton, Beechmont, Norwood, Price Hill and they represented Latinos from all Latin American Countries. All proceeds are for the Su Casa Hispanic Ministry Center Sports Program which also conducts annual Volleyball and Basketball Tourneys.

In the final, Atletico Chivas, Champion of the Cincinnati league won against Pomoquitas, Champion of the City of Hamilton league, 3-1

For information about future Su Casa Soccer events, please contact Javier Salas, Maria Isabel Guerra or Joseph Nava at N7 Consulting Services at 513-769-7700.


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here).
Posted by admin on 2006/9/24 11:30:00 (1534 reads)
Centro de Amistad hosted this past Sunday a Health Fair for Latinos.

Individuals and families were able to test, among others, their blood pressure, vision, cholesterol, diabetes, as well as learn more about healthy living. It was a full success for the Centro de Amistad, which is managed by Sister Juana Mendez. This Health Fair wouldn't be possible without countless volunteers, to which goes our big "Thank You"!


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here)
Posted by admin on 2006/9/24 10:50:00 (5890 reads)

We are happy to announce that MidwestLatino's founder, Michael Beck, joins Board of Directors of yet another International organization serving Greater Cincinnati. After being recently elected Vice President of Inter-Ethnic Council of Greater Cincinnati (read more...), he now joins Board of Directors of the International Center of Greater Cincinnati.

The International Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) is a non-profit organization helping immigrants, refugees, and asylees in the Cincinnati area with problem-solving and access to social services when appropriate. The Center is open to everyone, regardless of their ethnic background, religion, or immigration status.

The Mission of the Int'l Center is:

* provide social services for new Americans and people with limited English proficiency
* provide educational opportunities for Greater Cincinnatians to learn about the world
* help people new to the area to learn about Greater Cincinnati and the USA
Posted by admin on 2006/9/24 4:32:37 (1728 reads)
The Fifth Annual Greater Cincinnati Hispanic Scholarship Fund Gala was held Saturday, September 23 to celebrate local Hispanic advancement through education. The celebration marks the fifth year of the event and its unprecedented accomplishment of approaching $1 million in scholarships for local Hispanic students in that short period of time.


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here)
Posted by admin on 2006/9/22 9:40:00 (1715 reads)

MidwestLatino is now present on Please visit us there and join our network of friends.
Posted by admin on 2006/9/21 2:40:00 (1906 reads)

Meet Sonia Nazario, author of "Enrique’s Journey", Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing. "Enrique’s Journey" is the true story of a migrant boy from Honduras searching for his mother in America.

Sonia Nazario is an award-winning journalist for the Los Angeles Times who covers Latinos in America and immigration issues, particularly the “humanitarian” issues surrounding the desperate journey young children make to enter the U.S. in order to search for their mothers. HBO is planning a future mini-series based on “Enrique’s Journey.”

For more info, click here....
Posted by admin on 2006/9/20 3:48:25 (2450 reads)

"Fueling the innovative spirit of Latinos at P&G" - under this motto P&G had full day session providing a forum to discuss the importance and uniqueness of Latinos to the P&G Community, both as employees and as consumers, and their value in driving P&G's businesses. Also, to develop cross-cultural competencies that will enable young Latino employees to maximize their contribution and accelerate their success.

The P&G Auditorium was packed - a clear sign that Latinos are a growing force within P&G and that Latinnovation was an important topic to them.


More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here)
Posted by admin on 2006/9/20 0:10:00 (5757 reads)

We are happy to announce that MidwestLatino's founder, Michael Beck, has been elected Vice President of Inter-Ethnic Council of Greater Cincinnati.

The Inter-Ethnic Council of Greater Cincinnati (IECGC) is an independent, non-profit organization supported by members from various ethnic groups. The IECGC, known also as the "Greater Cincinnati's Cultural United Nations", exists to promote multi-cultural awareness, understanding, respect and harmony among different ethnic and nationality groups in Greater Cincinnati. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1992.

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