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Posted by admin on 2006/4/2 9:20:00 (1664 reads)
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Last night "Salsa Caliente" delivered a knock-out performance at its 1st Saturday Latino Party at the Havana Martini Club!

Recently relocated to the Carew Tower on Fifth Street, the new Havana Martini Club, with its huge dance floor, more space, friendly staff, and its classy interior, is definitely the hottest place for Latin dancing in Cincinnati!

This Saturday we also had the pleasure to host stars of the "N*W*C* - The Race Show", who were performing on Friday and Saturday at the Aronoff Center.

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Pictures from the Salsa Party @ Cincinnati's Havana Martini Club are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here).
Posted by admin on 2006/3/30 17:20:00 (3162 reads)
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MidwestLatino is a co-sponsor of the upcoming "N*W*C -- The Race Show", performed at Aronoff Center on March 31st and April 1st.

Blending elements of theater, hip hop, slam poetry, and stand-up comedy with true-life stories and their own original style, three ethnically diverse friends (and tour-de-force performers) take on one of the hottest issues around – RACE.

Check it out what is the local press writing about it:

* CityBeat
* Cincinnati Enquirer
* Kentucky Enquirer

One of actors, Rafael Augustin, is originally from Ecuador, and was interviewed by Myrna Perez from the Spanish Booster. To listen to the interview (en Español) click here:

Part 1 Part 2

For more information about the show, please visit Cincinnati Arts Association (click here....)
Posted by admin on 2006/3/28 16:20:00 (3002 reads)
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The Hamilton County Minority Health Month Kickoff will take place on Tuesday, April 4th, 6:00 pm-7:30pm in Metropolitan CME Church, 2815 Melrose Ave. (Walnut Hills). For information, please call 513-221-4949 ext 144

The Kickoff Speaker will be Dr. Liliana Rojas, with closing Remarks by Walter Bowers, MD, Health Commissioner, Ohio Commission on Minority Health.

To view the whole calendar of Health Month events (incl. info about Hispanic Health Fair on Sunday, April 23 at Su Casa Hispanic Center) click here...
Posted by admin on 2006/3/27 19:40:00 (3034 reads)
Unfortunately, on Monday somebody tried to destroy the content of our Website. We were able to restore the missing data and the Website is up and running again.

Thanks to everybody who contacted us to let us know that the Web was down. We appreciate very much that you care about MidwestLatino and our Website!!!!
Posted by admin on 2006/3/26 20:10:00 (1653 reads)
As mentioned in another news article (click here), Columbus hosted this Sunday, March 26, a huge rally supporting a comprehensive immigration reform.

Close to 500 people from Cincinnati went to Columbus to support the rally. Together with groups from Toledo, Cleveland, and other Ohio cities, they joined Columbus residents to support the rally. The crowd was estimated at several thousands of people, with some estimates going as high as 7,000 people.

The rally in Columbus was the latest in series of rallies across Ohio and the USA, supporting a comprehensive immigration reform, as proposed in the McCain-Kennedy bill.

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More pictures are in the "Columbus section of our Photo Gallery (click here)
Posted by admin on 2006/3/24 16:30:00 (2043 reads)
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LULAC Cincinnati & NKU Latino Student Affairs Office sponsor a Latino event at a local school at Harrison County.

This is Harrison County's First Ever Latino Night, which will be held March 26, 2006 from 3pm-4pm in Cynthiana, Kentucky. This event is organized by Harrison County Schools as a way for Hispanic Families to meet the Administrators of their school system. Together they will be sharing Mexican Culture and taste authentic Mexican cuisine provided by local Mexican Restaurant and Mexican Grocery.

There will also be NKU students volunteering their time to encourage students to strive for academic excellence, and for some to practice their Spanish! The event will conclude with a Pinata!

The event will be beneficial to students as they will see other Latinos like themselves achieving college education. It will also help the school Administrators to understand better the Latino culture and the importance of Latinos in our society. And NKU students will be able to experience the actual Mexican culture and practice their Spanish skills!

For more information about LULAC Cincinnati please visit
Posted by admin on 2006/3/23 22:00:00 (1766 reads)
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The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) will hold its 17th Annual Conference and Career Expo in Cincinnati Oct. 26-28, 2006 at the newly expanded and renovated Cinergy Center. This national convention will bring more than 7,000 Hispanic MBAs and students, more than 240 companies, and 80 academic institutions to downtown Cincinnati in 2006, as well as an estimated 4,200 total hotel room nights. Booked by the Greater Cincinnati CVB in April 2005, this event is expected to bring a considerable economic impact to the region.

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Today, March 23, NSHMBA and their corporate advisory board had a Kick-off of the conference season with a reception at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Hosted by P&G, this event was to honor its corporate sponsors and highlight opportunities offered at this fall’s 17th Annual Conference & Career Expo, the organization’s premier event.

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More pictures from this event are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery
Posted by admin on 2006/3/22 12:30:00 (1574 reads)
The Cincinnati Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Heading to Columbus for a Rally for Immigrant Rights

Sunday, March 26th, 2006
Place: Capitol Building
Columbus, Ohio
Corner of High St. and Broad St.
Time: 2:00 PM

A caravan from Cincinnati will leave from St. Charles Church / Su Casa (7036 Fairpark Ave.) at 10:30 AM.
Transportation will be available in two vans for those who need it For more information call: 513-761-1588
Posted by admin on 2006/3/20 14:30:00 (1387 reads)
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On March 16, the NKU hosted a Reception for Hispanic Health Survey. The 2005 Greater Cincinnati Hispanic/Latino Health Survey was conducted by the Health Foundation and provides the first in-depth description of the self-reported demographics and acculturation levels, health care access, and health behaviors of Hispanic/Latino residents of the tri-state, 20-county region surrounding Cincinnati, Ohio.

The results were presented by Prof. Holly Riffe from NKU and Prof. Liliana Rojas-Guyler from Univ. of Cincinnati.

The report from this survey (in PDF format) is available by clicking here. To order printed copies of this report, please contact Christine Mulvin. A Spanish-language version will be available in a few weeks.

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More pictures from this event are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery
Posted by admin on 2006/3/19 18:30:00 (1752 reads)
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Havana Martini Club had its 1st Grand Opening Party last Saturday. With local favorite band Kelly Red and the Hammerheads, the club was full of Cincinnati's "Who is Who", incl. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and 98 Degrees': Nick Lachey and Justin Jeffre.

More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery

Please save the date: March 25th, 2006 for the Latin Grand Opening of Havana Martini Club with the HOT Salsa Caliente on March 25th, 2006. Click here for more info...

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Posted by admin on 2006/3/18 19:00:00 (3470 reads)
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Thanks to Tropical Rhythms, last Friday Cleveland was full of Brazilian music and dancing. With shows of Samba dancing and Capoeira martial arts, and a lot of hot, tropical rhythms, it was an awesome evening. We would like to thank Tropical Rhythms for their wonderful hospitality.

More pictures are in the Cleveland section of our Photo Gallery
Posted by admin on 2006/3/14 20:50:00 (1713 reads)
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Another "first" by MidwestLatino! In order to make it easier for MidwestLatino readers to find a qualifying job, we are opening a Resume Section, where our members will have an opportunity to post their resumes for FREE.

You'll have an option to keep your resumes private, i.e. the resume will be visible only to people who receive a “privacy code” from you, thus protecting you, for example, from a situation that you current employer would see that you’re thinking about a new career. Compare the two "Example" resumes to see the difference. The code for the private resume in this example is "007", but you'll be able to choose any one you want for your resume.

Please note: in order to avoid any abuses, you'll have to be a MidwestLatino member to take advantage of this service. If you're not a member, click here to register.
Posted by admin on 2006/3/14 19:50:00 (1595 reads)
Myrna Perez, our partner from Spanish Booster, interviewed recently Chiquis Cartagena, author of "¡LATINO BOOM! —Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in the US Hispanic Market" book.

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To read the interview, please click here....
Posted by admin on 2006/3/14 19:50:00 (1509 reads)
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The Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau gave the "2005 Spirit of Cincinnati USA" Awards to Ramon Rodriguez from NSHMBA (Chamption Award) and Cincy-Cinco Festival's Alfonso Cornejo & Neli Comber (Wendell P. Dabney Award for Diversity).

To see more pictures from the Award Ceremony, please cliick here....
Posted by admin on 2006/3/14 19:40:00 (1699 reads)
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LULAC is giving away 3 scholarships. The first is the LNESC scholarship which is handled through the Cincinnati council. Since this is our first year, this scholarship is only for $800; however, we plan on making this scholarship much larger next year. There is no GPA requirements for the LNESC scholarship because it is below $1,000. Since the deadline is April 1st, 2006, please fill this one out ASAP.

The two others are the LULAC GM ($2,000) and LULAC GE ($5,000) scholarships - deadline for both: July 15, 2006.

Contact LULAC Cincinnati for more information at: 513-948-0641
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