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Community : Immigration issues in the Latino Community
Posted by admin on 2005/10/30 18:00:00 (1339 reads)

Last Monday, October 24, 2005, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati organized a meeting to discuss the new McCain-Kennedy immigration bill proposal. Marc Evans, a local immigration attorney, gave the participants an overview of the proposal highlighting the most important issues. Marc was also kind enough to answer questions from the audience, which included representatives from various community organizations involved in work with Hispanics, as well as companies that employ Hispanics.

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While the bill is not perfect, it represents a comprehensive approach to change the current immigration law.

It has been agreed that the next steps will involve meetings with Ohio representatives in US Senate and Congress.

The recent situation in Butler County clearly showed the need for this bill.

As many of us have read in the press (click here...), the Butler County is trying to introduced new state law that would allow them to deport any undocumented aliens back to their country of origin. This would impact especially the Hispanic community, since majority of the undocumented people are Latinos.

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To get some clarification about the situation, the United Methodist Church in Hamilton, organized on Friday, Oct. 28, 2005, a Town Hall meeting with concerned community members. On site were also representatives from Hamilton Police, as well as Commissioner Michael Fox. The meeting was facilitated by Ruben Herrera, a consultant specializing in conflict management.

It was an excellent opportunity to raise community concerns, and give Commissioner Fox the opportunity to hear them first hand. Mr. Herrera did a great job in facilitating the dialog and in helping to articulate individual issues and to look for possible solutions.

One important message was from the Hamilton Police: they will NOT search for illegal aliens, because this is not their job. Immigration issues are under the Federal jurisdiction. So all the rumors about rounding up illegal aliens and deporting them are not true.

MidwestLatino will continue to monitor the situation and be engaged in a resolution process.

To see pictures from the Town House meeting please visit our our Photo Gallery (click here)

Community : El Dia De Los Muertos @ The Mockbee
Posted by admin on 2005/10/30 15:50:00 (2030 reads)

Artists exhibit installations in tradition of El Dia De Los Muertos

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Cincinnati, OH - September, 28, 2005 – Approximately twenty-five area artists will exhibit works that draw upon the rich Latin American tradition of altars or "ofrendas" (literally offerings) to commemorate All Souls Day or El Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). The exhibition will be held at The Mockbee, a non-profit organization funded in part by The City of Cincinnati, located at [/b]2260 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio[/b]. It is being organized by a group of artists and art supporters who are intrigued by the growing influence of Latin American art and expression in Cincinnati and its ability to enrich our culture. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2005 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. The exhibition continues through November 12, 2005.

Creating altars in homes and cemeteries featuring offerings (ofrendas) of favorite foods and objects important to the deceased are thought to entice departed loved ones to return and visit.

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Community : Butler County initiative to deport undocumented workers
Posted by admin on 2005/10/28 15:50:00 (1734 reads)

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Butler County is taking a tough stand on undocumented workers, trying to initiate a state law to keep them out of Ohio.

You can see the recent news coverage at our Discussion Forum.

MidwestLatino is working together with organizations like LULAC, Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, "The Spanish Journal" and others, to initiate a dialog with the Butler County officials to find a more sensible approach to resolving the issue.

We believe that this issue needs a comprehensive solution and thus is better resolved at the Federal level. Therefore we support the McCain-Kennedy Bill proposal as a way to forge a realistic, comprehensive and bipartisan national immigration policy.

If you would like to be part of the dialog, please contact us at: Please also take part in the dialog on our Discussion Forum. Let us know your thoughts about the recent development in the Butler County.

Business : Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner (Oct. 27, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/28 12:20:00 (1461 reads)

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The 5th Annual Dinner Gala of the Cincynnati's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was a great success. The keynote speaker was the Ambassador of Costa Rica, Mr. F. Tomas Dueñas.

During the dinner, Mr. Roberto Peraza, the past president of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, received the 2005 Annual Hispanic Leadership Award, as well as the "Orgullo Latino" Award from "The Spanish Journal".

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce also presented Hispanic Scholarships to Aurelia Rodriguez and Leopoldo Paz, both from Northern Kentucky University (

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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

Business : 'Argentine Bean' OPEN (Oct. 26, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/27 13:40:00 (2555 reads)

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The "Argentine Bean", the newest addition to Latin American hangouts in the Tri-State, is open!

This very stylish Bistro/Wine Bar is located in the newly open Crestview Hills Town Center, next to Dillard's. Read more about it article in the "NKY Challenger" article

The VIP Opening Party was last Wednesday, and it was "the" place to be for all lovers of Tango and Argentinean wine. We've enjoyed the music and dancing demonstrations by "La Troupe Tanguera".

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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

The "Argentine Bean - Bistro/Wine Bar" will have live music every Saturday by Flamenco maestro, Jorge Wojtas. And as a special treat, this Monday, October 31, they will host live performance by "Eduardo Tami Trio" and Cincinnat's own Patricia Paz. For more info click here...

Events : Cumbia Nights @ Mad Frog on Wednesdays
Posted by admin on 2005/10/27 13:10:00 (1408 reads)

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This Wednesday, "The Mad Frog" had another "Cumbia Night" with Grupo Contacto Explosivo!!!!

Created together with Plaza del Sol, LatinUnderground and MidwestLatino, it is a weekly event on every Wednesday for all people who enjoy Cumbia and other Mexican and Colombian music.

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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

New!!!! Starting next week: Free Cumbia Lessons by Jesus from LatinUnderground. Jesus will be also the main DJ, spinning the best of Cumbia music. You can listen to Jesus and Simon on every Sunday on "Radio en Español" 1230AM, at 8:00 PM.

Events : Tango Flamenco Show in Cincinnati, OH (October 22)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/23 21:00:00 (1532 reads)

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The "Tango Flamenco" performance, brought to Cincinnati by ballet tech ohio performing arts association and Cincinnati Arts Association was simply mesmerizing and breathtaking!!!

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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

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We've also enjoyed the performance of "Eduardo Tami Trio" and Cincinnat's own Patricia Paz. The "Eduardo Tami Trio" will be back in Cincinnati on Monday, Oct. 31, to perform at the new "Argentinian Bean - Bistro/Wine Bar". For more info click here...

Business : "Understanding Hispanic Market" Seminar @ Cleveland, OH (October 21, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/23 20:00:00 (1960 reads)

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After five extremely successful seminars about "Understanding Hispanic Market" in Dayton, Toledo, Lorain, Cincinnati and Columbus, organized by LaVerdad Marketing ( and with MidwestLatino as one of its co-sponsors, it was time for Cleveland, which was a great success. We had over 90 representing about 60 companies

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The pictures from the seminar are on the Web (click here)

Now in its third year, the seminar explores insights into the Hispanic consumer and what every organization should know about the U.S. Hispanic market. It highlights the dynamic changes occurring in the Hispanic market at a local, regional and national level. Participants learn what best-in-class companies are doing right to win the hearts of Hispanic consumers, as well as potential employees, and how to deliver culturally and linguistically competent communications to the largest and fastest growing ethnic market segment in the U.S.

Events : 1st Annual Int'l Dance Festival, Oct. 14-16, (Cleveland, OH)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/15 20:10:00 (1648 reads)

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This weekend Cleveland hosted it's 1st Annual INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL at "Viva Dance" Studio in Strongville.

It was the official grand opening of "Viva Dance!" studio, a brainchild of Rebecca Sweet, internationally recognized dancer and dance instructor from Cleveland. This brand new Latin and Ballroom dance studio is a the best and largest dance studio in the Midwest.

Participants had the opportunity to study with some of the masters in a variety of dance forms from the Mambo King himself, Mr. Eddie Torres, to Tango masters Rosa Collantes and Angel Clemente and the powerful West Coast Swing duo Ligaya Fish and Brian Faust.


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The pictures from Cleveland's 1st Annual Int'l Dance Festival are on the Web (click here)

Events : Tiempo Libre @ Columbus, OH (October 21)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/15 11:30:00 (2404 reads)

One of the hottest young Latin bands today, Miami-based Tiempo Libre are true modern heirs to the rich musical tradition of their native Cuba with imaginative, high-voltage Latin jazz and seductive rhythms of their distinctive timba.

Tiempo Libre combines the talents of seven friends, all of them accomplished musicians in their own right and dedicated to creating a new musical style by fusing their diverse talents with a unique mix of jazz, traditional Cuban, and Afro-Cuban music. Since 2001, the group has been touring nearly non-stop, building a reputation as one of the top timba bands in the US with an energetic stage presence that is guaranteed to have audiences dancing in the aisles!

They will be performing on October 21 in Columbus, Ohio. For more Info: click here...

MidwestLatino had free tickets to give away and the lucky winners are:

Sacha A. Amen
Rita Carnevale
Juan Hincapie
Yolanda Mendez
Maria Fernanda Ramirez

Each of them will receive 2 free tickets for the show.

Events : Orfeón San Juan Bautista @ Sinclair College (Dayton, Sat. Oct. 22)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/14 23:00:00 (1877 reads)

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Orfeón San Juan Bautista, a professional 29 mixed-voice secular a cappella ensemble from Puerto Rico, will make their first public performance in the Dayton area at Sinclair Community College on Saturday, October 22, 8 PM.

Tickets for the concert are $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and $8 for students.

Orfeón San Juan Bautista’s repertoire is diverse as it spans the sacred and secular music of the great universal choral traditions, as well as the folk music of Puerto Rico and Latin America. It was created in 1994 as the artistic vision of Guarionex Morales-Matos and is shared by Daniel Alejandro Tapia-Santiago. Maestro Tapia-Santiago is a graduate of the Masters in Music program in Choral Conducting of the Yale University School of Music and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.

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Business : "LatinUnderground" and "Tienda Azteca" are switching to MidwestLatino for Web hosting
Posted by admin on 2005/10/14 3:40:00 (2261 reads)

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"Latin Underground", the leading Latino DJ in Cincinnati, and "Tienda Azteca", Cincinnati's premier Mexican Grocery Story, are the latest Hispanic businesses taking advantage of MidwestLatino's offer to help Hispanic small businesses to get a Web presence.

Their new Websites are at: and

They are joining "Plaza del Sol", which recently also switched to MidwestLatino:

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and several others which are currently under development.

If you are interested in more information about this offer, click here...

Community : Listen to "Radio en Español" this Sunday
Posted by admin on 2005/10/14 3:30:00 (1749 reads)

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As every Sunday, listen to Simon Cipriano from "Plaza del Sol" and Jesus Ramos from "Latin Underground" on Fandango 1230AM at 8 PM presented by "Radio en Español", broadcasted in Spanish from 5:00 PM till 11:00 PM.

Community : Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration @ Miami U. Hamilton (October 13, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/14 3:20:00 (1436 reads)

On October 13, Miami University in Hamilton celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with its first Hispanic Festival. Organized by Guillermina Pat Camacho and other dedicated volunteers, with performances by "Sol Azteca", it was a great success!

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See more pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

Events : MexFood 2005 - a celebration of Mexican Food (October 12)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/13 6:00:00 (1963 reads)

Resized Image

First Annual Meeting of Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky’s Mexican Food Restaurateurs was a total success.

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This past Wednesday, Oct. 12, The Spanish Journal, in cooperation with MidwestLatino , SpanishBooster, and Plaza del Sol, and with the support of the National Government of Mexico, through their office of Coordination of Cultural Patrimony and Tourism presented a MexFood 2005, an event to support an official Mexican initiative with UNESCO to consider MEXICAN CUISINE, as a “World Patrimony of Humanity”.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) will make a decision this December. We hope that their answer will a be positive one acknowledging the historical importance of this authentic pre-Hispanic cuisine in the New World.

Tri-State’s Mexican Food restaurateurs met to sign a petition supporting the application of Mexican Goverment. It will be now sent to UNESCO in Paris. Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the Tri-State and US and having it declared as a “World Patrimony of Humanity” will definitely benefit all Mexican restaurants.

In support of the MexFood 2005 Meeting of Tri-State owners of Mexican Restaurants, the Mayors of Cincinnati and Newport declared October 12, 2005, the "Day of Mexican Cuisine" in their respective cities!

See more pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

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