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Community : Crossroad TLC Breakfast (Nov. 9, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/9 13:20:00 (1507 reads)

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The Crossroad Health Center had its TLC Capital Campain Breakfast on Wednesday, November 9, 2005. The Emcee for this event was the NFL legend, Anthony Muñoz and the speaker was Dr. Jerry Kirk.

The Crossroad Health Center is focusing on providing health care to those living within Over-the-Rhine and surrounding inner-city neighborhoods who don't have health insurance. Its bilingual stuff is also able to help Latinos/Hispanics who don't speak English. The Latino community is represented on the Board of Advisors by Sister Margarita Brewer.

More pictures from this event are in our Photo Gallery

Community : Mark Mallory becomes the new Mayor of Cincinnati
Posted by admin on 2005/11/9 13:20:00 (1188 reads)

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Mark Mallory, was elected yesterday the new Mayor of Cincinnati.

Invited by MidwestLatino and The Spanish Journal, he recently visited the studio of "Radio en Español" (broadcasted every Sunday starting at 6 PM on 1230AM frequency). There, Mark discussed his political career, his vision for Cincinnati, and his dedication to support diversity in the city. See pictures from this interview at our Photo Gallery (click here)

We would like to wish Mark all the best in his new elected position!!!!

To learn more about Mark and his vision for Cincinnati please visit his Website:

And don't forget to listen to "Radio en Español 1230AM":

6PM- 8PM News/Discussions with Jorge Benedetti and Myrna Perez
8PM - 9PM: Fandango with Simon Cipriano (Plaza del Sol) and Jesus and Adrian Herrera (Latin Underground)

Events : 6th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards
Posted by admin on 2005/11/8 14:20:00 (1278 reads)

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Colombia's Juanes took home Latin Grammy Awards for best rock solo album, best rock song and best video at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium. Another Colombian, Carlos Vives, won a Grammy for the Best Contemporary Tropical Album.

Both of them performed this year in Columbus, as well as other Grammy nominated artists, such as Monchy & Alexandra and Grupo Niche

You can see pictures from their concerts at the Columbus section of our Photo Gallery. These events were organized or sponsored/promoted by our friends at Ritmo Productions and MidwestLatino

See list of all winners at Latin Grammy Website.

Education : Patricia Paz announces new dance lessons (Cincinnati)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/7 16:00:00 (1284 reads)

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When: every Saturdays starting November 12th - January 14th (no class on sat. 24rd and 31st)

When:Saturday November 5st, from 9pm to 1am.


When: Saturday November 19th from 11-to12.50pm- $20 per person.

When: Thursdays from 7-8pm - Starting Thu. Nov 10th- Dec 29th


-Sunday November 13th- 5pm Union Terminal Hispanic Festival
-Wednesday November 16th- 10.30pm Havana Martini Club

-Sunday November 13th- 1.30pm: Union Terminal Hispanic Festival

Contact Patricia, or 513-252-6647

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MidwestLatino : MidwestLatino welcomes Myrna Perez as a new contributor
Posted by admin on 2005/11/7 0:20:00 (2530 reads)

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We would like to welcome Myrna Perez as the newest contributor to MidwestLatino. Ms. Perez is the CEO and Founder of Spanish Booster, a company specializing in helping people and businesses to learn, understand, and communicate in Spanish. She is also an anchor at "Radio en Español" and frequent contributor to "The Spanish Journal"

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Her first article is about recent "Tango Flamenco" Show. Above, Myrna is pictured with Antonio Najarro, Artistic Director of "Tango Flamenco"

Events : Salsa @ Havana Martini Club (November 5, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/6 15:10:00 (1202 reads)

Pictures from the November 5 Salsa @ Cincinnati's Havana Martini Club are on the Web (click here). As always, "Salsa Caliente" delivered a knock-out performance!

Events : Flamenco music @ Argentine Bean
Posted by admin on 2005/11/6 15:00:00 (1443 reads)

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Argentine Bean, the newly open classy Bistro/Wine Bar at Crestview Hills Town Center, has now every Saturday live Flamenco music by Jorge Wojtas:

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More pictures are on the Web (click here).

Business : "Understanding Hispanic Market" Seminar @ Louisville, KY (November 4, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/3 13:50:00 (1349 reads)

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After six extremely successful seminars about "Understanding Hispanic Market" in Dayton, Toledo, Lorain, Cincinnati , Columbus, and Cleveland, organized by LaVerdad Marketing ( and with MidwestLatino as one of its co-sponsors, it was time to get ready for a next one being held this past Friday, November 4th, in Louisville, KY.

Now in its third year, the seminar explores insights into the Hispanic consumer and what every organization should know about the U.S. Hispanic market. It highlights the dynamic changes occurring in the Hispanic market at a local, regional and national level. Participants learn what best-in-class companies are doing right to win the hearts of Hispanic consumers, as well as potential employees, and how to deliver culturally and linguistically competent communications to the largest and fastest growing ethnic market segment in the U.S.
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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

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Events : Havana Nights @ Havana Martini Club (November 2, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/3 13:30:00 (1227 reads)

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Cincinnati's top rated Havana Martini Club had another hot Wednesday night with its weekly "Havana Night"!

With FREE admission, FREE dance lessons, hottest Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata music in town by DJ Rudy Alvarez, and exciting give-aways, this is the undisputed, hottest place to be on Wednesday nights...

Thanks to all of you who support us and helped us to get there!!!!

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More pictures are on the Web (click here)

Now the party starts at 5:00 PM with "Latino Happy Hour"!!! Stop in and try one of the new Summertini’s and Cocktails - served on our beautiful carribean-themed patio!

Events : Salsa Halloween @ Mad Frog (October 31, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/1 16:30:00 (1173 reads)

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Pictures from the October 31 Salsa Halloween with Tropicoso @ Cincinnati's hottest Latino spot - "The Mad Frog", are on the Web (click here)

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Don't forget the weekly Reggaeton Party @ Mad Frog every Tuesday and "Cumbia Nights" every Wednesday!

Events : Eduardo Tami Trio @ Argentine Bean (Oct. 31, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/11/1 16:10:00 (1570 reads)

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The "Argentine Bean", the newest addition to Latin American hangouts in the Tri-State, hosted on Monday, Oct. 31, 2005, the "Eduardo Tami Trio". This very stylish Bistro/Wine Bar is located in the newly open Crestview Hills Town Center, next to Dillard's. Read more about it article in the "NKY Challenger" article

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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

Community : Immigration issues in the Latino Community
Posted by admin on 2005/10/30 18:00:00 (1374 reads)

Last Monday, October 24, 2005, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati organized a meeting to discuss the new McCain-Kennedy immigration bill proposal. Marc Evans, a local immigration attorney, gave the participants an overview of the proposal highlighting the most important issues. Marc was also kind enough to answer questions from the audience, which included representatives from various community organizations involved in work with Hispanics, as well as companies that employ Hispanics.

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While the bill is not perfect, it represents a comprehensive approach to change the current immigration law.

It has been agreed that the next steps will involve meetings with Ohio representatives in US Senate and Congress.

The recent situation in Butler County clearly showed the need for this bill.

As many of us have read in the press (click here...), the Butler County is trying to introduced new state law that would allow them to deport any undocumented aliens back to their country of origin. This would impact especially the Hispanic community, since majority of the undocumented people are Latinos.

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To get some clarification about the situation, the United Methodist Church in Hamilton, organized on Friday, Oct. 28, 2005, a Town Hall meeting with concerned community members. On site were also representatives from Hamilton Police, as well as Commissioner Michael Fox. The meeting was facilitated by Ruben Herrera, a consultant specializing in conflict management.

It was an excellent opportunity to raise community concerns, and give Commissioner Fox the opportunity to hear them first hand. Mr. Herrera did a great job in facilitating the dialog and in helping to articulate individual issues and to look for possible solutions.

One important message was from the Hamilton Police: they will NOT search for illegal aliens, because this is not their job. Immigration issues are under the Federal jurisdiction. So all the rumors about rounding up illegal aliens and deporting them are not true.

MidwestLatino will continue to monitor the situation and be engaged in a resolution process.

To see pictures from the Town House meeting please visit our our Photo Gallery (click here)

Community : El Dia De Los Muertos @ The Mockbee
Posted by admin on 2005/10/30 15:50:00 (2061 reads)

Artists exhibit installations in tradition of El Dia De Los Muertos

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Cincinnati, OH - September, 28, 2005 – Approximately twenty-five area artists will exhibit works that draw upon the rich Latin American tradition of altars or "ofrendas" (literally offerings) to commemorate All Souls Day or El Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). The exhibition will be held at The Mockbee, a non-profit organization funded in part by The City of Cincinnati, located at [/b]2260 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio[/b]. It is being organized by a group of artists and art supporters who are intrigued by the growing influence of Latin American art and expression in Cincinnati and its ability to enrich our culture. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2005 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. The exhibition continues through November 12, 2005.

Creating altars in homes and cemeteries featuring offerings (ofrendas) of favorite foods and objects important to the deceased are thought to entice departed loved ones to return and visit.

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Community : Butler County initiative to deport undocumented workers
Posted by admin on 2005/10/28 15:50:00 (1776 reads)

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Butler County is taking a tough stand on undocumented workers, trying to initiate a state law to keep them out of Ohio.

You can see the recent news coverage at our Discussion Forum.

MidwestLatino is working together with organizations like LULAC, Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, "The Spanish Journal" and others, to initiate a dialog with the Butler County officials to find a more sensible approach to resolving the issue.

We believe that this issue needs a comprehensive solution and thus is better resolved at the Federal level. Therefore we support the McCain-Kennedy Bill proposal as a way to forge a realistic, comprehensive and bipartisan national immigration policy.

If you would like to be part of the dialog, please contact us at: Please also take part in the dialog on our Discussion Forum. Let us know your thoughts about the recent development in the Butler County.

Business : Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner (Oct. 27, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/10/28 12:20:00 (1516 reads)

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The 5th Annual Dinner Gala of the Cincynnati's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was a great success. The keynote speaker was the Ambassador of Costa Rica, Mr. F. Tomas Dueñas.

During the dinner, Mr. Roberto Peraza, the past president of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, received the 2005 Annual Hispanic Leadership Award, as well as the "Orgullo Latino" Award from "The Spanish Journal".

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce also presented Hispanic Scholarships to Aurelia Rodriguez and Leopoldo Paz, both from Northern Kentucky University (

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More pictures at our Photo Gallery (click here)

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