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Community : Felicitaciones por la Radio en Español los domingos
Posted by admin on 2005/7/3 19:41:39 (1603 reads)

Muchas gracias por traernos de nuevo la programación de radio en español, quiero felicitarlos por la calidad con que hacen esos programas. Disculpen mis faltas de ortografía, les agradecería si pueden corregir un poco las palabras para que no salgan tan mal escritas. Mas : La Jornada Latina

Business : Cámara de Comercio de Cincinnati: Brinda oportunidad de negociar con Toyota hablando español
Posted by admin on 2005/7/3 19:36:44 (1965 reads)

En el año 2004 Toyota alcanzó negociaciones con proveedores de clase minoritaria por encima de mil millones de dólares, sólo dos compañías lograron esa marca. Mas : La Jornada Latina

Business : FIFTH THIRD BANK: Seminario informativo de cómo comprar casa
Posted by admin on 2005/7/3 19:30:00 (1462 reads)

"Demostraremos que tan fácil y rápido resulta comprar una propiedad en Estados Unidos aún cuando no tengas seguro social ni buen trabajo". Mas : La Jornada Latina

Business : Hispanic Awareness Campaign Flies High in Dayton, Ohio
Posted by admin on 2005/6/30 5:00:00 (2645 reads)

By John Michael Morgando

DAYTON, OH – Some of Dayton’s most influential and community-minded companies, executives and nonprofit organizers joined together in partnership during a unique workshop held Friday, June 24 that raised corporate and community awareness regarding the needs and business opportunities that exist within the growing Hispanic consumer market.

Financial services and insurance giant MetLife hosted the program, “Understanding the Hispanic Market: Business Opportunity or Matter of Survival?” at their corporate facility in suburban Miamisburg. The seminar is one of unique the service offerings of Cincinnati-based LaVERDAD Marketing and Media, a nationally respected integrated marketing firm specializing in the emerging Hispanic market.

Read More... | 6387 bytes more | Comments?
Events : Pictures from "Havana Nights" @ Havana Martini Club (June 29, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/30 4:10:00 (1446 reads)

Resized Image

Cincinnati's top rated Havana Martini Club had another great evening with its weekly "Havana Nights" on every Wednesday!

With FREE admission, FREE dance lessons, hottest Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata music in town by DJ Rudy Alvarez, and exciting give-aways, this is the place to be on Wednesday nights...

Pictures are on the Web (click here)

Business : Lawyer being sued for immigration malpractice
Posted by admin on 2005/6/29 6:50:00 (5413 reads)

It is a tragedy when your legal counsel, representing you at the US Immigration Office, checks the wrong box on immigration papers, and as a result you lose a chance to become a permanent resident of the US and you and your family have to leave the country.

But that's what has happened to Mauricio Luzuriaga from Ecuador. Forced to leave US and move to Venezuela where his wife is from, he is now suing his lawyer for malpractice. Mauricio is being represented by Robert Manley, a well-known lawyer in Cincinnati, who is also an excellent photographer, traveler, and who teaches law and urban planning at University of Cincinnati. Read the complaint...

Resized Image
Robert Manley

Community : Centro de Amistad honors Latino Festival Volunteers (June 28, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/28 19:30:00 (1358 reads)

The 2005 Kermesse Latino Festival, organized by Centro de Amistad located in Erlanger, KY, was a great success (read more).

This Tuesday, in appreciation of their hard work, Centro de Amistad invited the organizing committee to a dinner. It was a great opportunity to see friends made during the festival preparation, and make plans for the 2006 Festival.

Pictures are on the Web (click here)

Business : Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Social (June 28, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/28 19:20:00 (1445 reads)

Resized Image

The June meeting of the Cincinnati Hispanic Chamber of Commerce took place in house of Robert Manley, Esq., who has graciously opened his Cincinnati home for this Social networking meeting. Mr. Manley’s home has a fairly large collection of antique maps of Latin America, the oldest one going back to 16th century.

Mr. Manley is also an exceptional photographer. He is known for his trips to the Amazon River in Brazil and has done remarkable photographs of the sights there.

Pictures are on the Web (click here)

Education : Hispanic Home buyers workshop (July 9th, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/28 4:00:00 (1604 reads)

Resized Image

Pam Dixon and Teresita Lewis from HOME will be offering a two-hour workshop on home buying and avoiding bad loans. It will be Saturday, July 9th, at 5:00 PM, and they need for any attendees to call them in advance so they can plan to buy food for them. They need to have a pretty definite idea about how many adults and how many kids will be coming so we can plan to buy enough food and have sufficient childcare people for the parents who bring children with them.

HOME's Phone # 721-4663

Teresita Lewis y Pamela Dixon
(Housing Opportunities Made Equal)
2400 Reading Rd. Suite 404
Cincinnati – Ohio 45202

More info about Pam and Teresita (Conversando con Pam Dixon y Teresita Lewis) - Click here...

Events : Summer Latin Dance Contest (Columbus, OH)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/28 3:00:00 (1401 reads)

Resized Image

The Best Latin Dance Competition in Columbus Ever Begins...

Every Thursday of the month of July Ritmo Productions will be hosting the first ever Summer Latin dancing contest at Global Nightclub in Columbus.

You can sign up at Global or La Clave, and its FREE. So don't let anything hold you back from being a part of it! Win Large Cash prizes and more!

In February, Cincinnati's Kim Jones and Lorenzo Harris won 2nd place in a similar competition. Read more....

Events : Pictures from Salsa @ Mad Frog: June 27, 2005
Posted by admin on 2005/6/28 0:10:00 (1334 reads)

Pictures from the June 27 Salsa with Tropicoso @ Cincinnati's hottest Latino spot - "The Mad Frog", are on the Web (click here)

Events : Grupo Niche @ Tequila's (Friday, June 24, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/25 3:50:00 (1505 reads)

Resized Image

Tequila's Nite Club & MidwestLatino did it again! In their tireless efforts to bring new and exciting Latino live music to Tri-State, Tequila's hosted on Friday the legendary Grupo Niche, with Ohio's best Salsa band "Son del Caribe" opening for them.

The concert was just AWESOME!

Thanks to Tequila's HUGE dance floor, this was definitely the BEST EVER Salsa party in Cincinnati!!!

Please check out pictures from the concert on the Web (click here).

Thanks to "The Spanish Journal" for their support.

Business : "Understanding Hispanic Market" Seminar @ Dyaton, OH (June 24, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/25 3:30:00 (2538 reads)

MidwestLatino, together with The Spanish Journal -Newspaper & Radio co-sponsored a seminar with LaVERDAD Marketing and Media, a nationally respected Hispanic marketing and research firm, and other partners to raise community awareness regarding the needs and business opportunities that exist with the Hispanic market.

The seminar was a great success! Packed room of over 100 participants, some of them coming from as far as Louisville, KY, learned about the Hispanic market, its potential, and how to reach it.

Pictures from the Seminar are on the Web (click here).

Next Seminar: Friday, July 13, 2005, 8:30AM-5:00PM in Toledo, OH
Owens Corning Worldwide Headquarters, 1 Owens Corning Pkwy, Toledo, OH 43659, (419) 248-8000.
$99 Corporate, $49 Nonprofit, includes breakfast & lunch.
Register NOW!

See the press release.

Community :  Dayton Metro Library Fiesta (June 4, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/22 1:10:00 (1546 reads)

Resized Image Resized Image

A pot luck fiesta, called Opening Doors of Understanding, was held on June 4th at the Dayton Metro Library auditorium.

Funded by a grant received from MetLife Foundation, it was a culmination of a series of programs celebrating Latino families and culture. The event included food, conversation, entertainment, balloons and mural painting.

The Dayton library has been expanding services to Spanish-speaking customers by increasing the number of books in Spanish, offering story times in Spanish and working with groups like the LULAC and East-End Community Center, to spread the word about the library to the community.

Pictures from the event are on the Web (click here)

Business : Hispanic Company wins $5M contract with Cincinnati Public Schools
Posted by admin on 2005/6/21 1:50:00 (1602 reads)

Resized Image

The Cincinnati Public School District purchases a wide variety of services, materials and equipment.

The Supplier Diversity Program, under direction of Pamela Mullins, is working hard to expand the opportunities for minority-owned, female-owned and small businesses enterprises to participate in this process.

The recent example of the success of this program is a $5,374,000 contract awarded to a Hispanic-owned company, Blau Mechanical Inc. that will do HVAC work for Withrow High School.

If you are a Small or Disadvantaged Business you can register online and have your business concern added to the CPS Supplier Diversity Database. Click here...

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