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Education : NKU Latino/Multicultural Science Camp (June 6-10, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/10 15:40:00 (1412 reads)

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To encourage interest in the science among a growing Greater Cincinnati Latino population, Dr. Miriam Kannan, Biology Professor at NKU, and Leo Calderon, Director of NKU's Latino Student Affairs, have organized in 2004 the first Latino/Multicultural Science Camp for local high school students.

In 2005 several local high school students attended the science camp. The class was quite diverse, it included students from Williamtown H.S.; Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies; Saint Ursula Academy; Withrow International H.S.; East Lakota H.S.; Amelia H.S.; a French student; Covington Catholic H.S.

The students learned about astronomy, chemistry, physics, biology and genetics.

Pictures from the 2005 NKU Science Camp are on the Web (click here)

Based on the success of the program, plans are already on the way for the 2006 Science Camp...

Events : Salsa RUEDA Lessons with Patricia Paz @ La Tradicion
Posted by admin on 2005/6/8 20:20:00 (1595 reads)

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Pictures from the first Rueda lesson on June 9th are on the Web (click here)

After recent Salsa Rueda workshop with Rosa Collantes, the Rueda lessons will continue every Thursday in La Tradicion with Patricia Paz. (click here for more info...)

From June 16 till July 7th there will be a FREE intro to Rueda: from 7:00-8pm.

And after the lessons - a Cuban Fiesta till 2 AM

Events : Pictures from "Havana Nights" @ Havana Martini Club (June 8, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/8 17:00:00 (1433 reads)

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Cincinnati's top rated Havana Martini Club had another great evening with its weekly "Havana Nights" on every Wednesday!

With FREE admission, FREE dance lessons, hottest Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata music in town by DJ Rudy Alvarez, and exciting give-aways, this is the place to be on Wednesday nights...

In June we'll have raffle for four free VIP tickets to Reds game (incl. parking).

Pictures are on the Web (click here)

Events : Pictures from Salsa @ Mad Frog: June 6, 2005
Posted by admin on 2005/6/7 3:10:00 (1429 reads)

Pictures from the June 6 Salsa with Tropicoso @ Cincinnati's hottest Latino spot - "The Mad Frog", are on the Web (click here)

Community : Interview with Sister Juana Mendez (Centro de Amistad)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/5 4:41:14 (1451 reads)

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Click here to read the interview...

Events : Salsa @ Havana Martini Club (June 4, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/5 3:20:00 (1402 reads)

Pictures from the June 4 Salsa @ Cincinnati's Havana Martini Club are on the Web (click here). As always, "Salsa Caliente" delivered a knock-out performance!

Events : Campaign Reception for Roz Florez (June 2, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/6/3 2:00:00 (1635 reads)

Roz Florez is running for Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge position

On June 2 there was a Campaign Reception in the famous Probasco Mansion in honor of Roz and to help her in her fundraising efforts.

Pictures from the reception are on the Web (click here)

When elected, Roz will be the first ever Hispanic to be an elected official in the Hamilton County, and another excellent example how Latinos/Hispanics are serving the community they are living in!

Read more about the election at this Cincinnati Post article (click here)

For Roz's Bio and the Presse Release click here (PDF file)

Events : Salsa @ Studio 4 in Ann Arbor, MI (May 29, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/5/31 8:50:00 (1826 reads)

MidwestLatino together with NDL Productions presented a Salsa dance in Ann Arbor this past Sunday. Scheduled to be a weekly Sunday event in the classy Studio 4 in downtown Ann Arbor, it attracted many Salseros, some of them coming as far as Lansing! Superbly organized by NDL Productions, it was a great way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend the Latin way!

Pictures from this event are on the Web (click here)

Events : Pictures from Salsa @ Mad Frog: May 30, 2005
Posted by admin on 2005/5/31 4:50:00 (1422 reads)

Pictures from the May 30 Salsa with Tropicoso @ Cincinnati's hottest Latino spot - "The Mad Frog", are on the Web (click here)

Community : Pictures from the Brazilian Picnic on May 22, 2005
Posted by admin on 2005/5/23 9:20:00 (1872 reads)

What a wonderful picnic!!! Thanks to Rovena and other volunteers, we were able to enjoy a wonderful music, food, and culture from Brazil. The pictures from the picnic are at:

In order to keep in touch with other Brazilians in the area, please visit our Brazilian forum:

Community : Interview with Leo Calderon (NKU)
Posted by admin on 2005/5/23 9:13:37 (1639 reads)

Resized Image Click here to read the interview...

Business : Coming Up: "Understanding the Hispanic Market" Seminar Series
Posted by admin on 2005/5/20 3:50:00 (1511 reads)

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La Verdad Marketing & Media just announced a very exciting seminar series targeted toward business interested in marketing to Hispanics/Latinos:

"Understanding the Hispanic Market: Business Opportunity or Matter of Survival"

Hispanic Market Opportunity

This business seminar explores the experience and culture of Hispanics and helps participants understand Hispanic consumers in order to develop better products, brands, services and communications to win with Hispanics. Special emphasis will be given to the impact of Hispanics on the region and the local Designated Marketing Area (DMA).

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Events : Rock en Español Mega-Concert @ Tequila's (Friday, May 13th)
Posted by admin on 2005/5/14 6:10:00 (2835 reads)

Tequila's Nite Club did it again! In its tireless efforts to bring new and exciting Latino live music to Tri-State, Tequila's hosted on Friday the first ever "Rock en Español Mega-Concert" with Midwest's best three bands: Mantra, La Revancha, and Dejavu.

The concert was just AWESOME!

NEVER before Cincinnati had such delightful mixture of Latin music! From songs by Carlos Santana or Tito Puente through Salsa and Cumbia to straight Rock en Español, and even Reggae! But you have to see and listen for yourself...

Please check out pictures and Videos from the concert on the Web (click here)

Click on "Read more" for other band videos and songs.

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Education : Rosa Blackwell, CPS Superintendent meets with Latinos (May 11, 2005)
Posted by admin on 2005/5/13 10:00:00 (3481 reads)

On Wednesday, May 11th, Rosa Blackwell, the new Superintendent of the Cincinnati Public Schools, met with Latino educators and advocates to learn more about issues facing Latinos.  

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Business : Fifth Third Recognized By Mexican Government
Posted by admin on 2005/5/13 6:50:00 (2424 reads)

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Bank lauded for partnerships within Mexican-American community at recent conference

Fifth Third was recently recognized by Mexico Secretary of State & Minister of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, Carlos González Gutiérrez, as one of the top five financial institutions in the U.S. serving Mexican and Mexican-American communities.

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