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Events : Cincy-Cinco Festival (Sunday, May 3)
Posted by admin on 2009/5/1 7:00:00 (1992 reads)

The 2009 Cincy-Cinco Festival will take place on Sunday, May 3rd, from 12 Noon till 7 PM, on the Fountain Square.


Here are some of the featured performers:

Horizontos Mexicanos – Mexican Dance Group >From Chicago

Que Lindo Es Panama – Panamanian Dance Group >From Cincinnati

Danza Contigo Peru – Peruvian Dance Group >From Cincinnati

Grupo Caribe – Caribbean Dance Group From Cincinnati

Mariachi Oro y Plata – Mariachi Group From Indianapolis

Colombia Viva – Colombian Dance Group From Cincinnati

More information at Cincy-Cinco Website


Events : CINCO DE SALSA! With Acapulco @ Havana Martini Club
Posted by admin on 2009/5/1 6:00:00 (2509 reads)



Community : LULAC Cincinnati Elections
Posted by admin on 2009/5/1 2:30:00 (1917 reads)

Last Thursday the LULAC Cincinnati chapter held elections for its 2009-2010 Board. The elected officers are:

* Lourdes Ribera, President,
* Michael Beck, Vice-President
* Jason Riveiro, Vice President for Youth
* Magdalena Lang, Secretary
* Tony Simms-Howell, Treasurer
* Dan Molina, Parlamentarian

 Also appointed were following officers:

* Maria Lang, VP of Education
* Hector Medina, VP of Corporate Relations

LULAC’s Mission is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. To become a member, please visit

Community : Information about Swine Flu (in English and Spanish)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/27 5:50:00 (3315 reads)

As most of you already know, human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection have been identified in the United States. Human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection also have been identified internationally.

As part of our Public Service, here are links in English and Spanish for more information about this desease:




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Community : Cincy-Salsa Dance Group
Posted by admin on 2009/4/26 12:00:00 (3398 reads)

Ed Ribar is organizing a "Cincy-Salsa Dance Group" to perform at the upcoming Cincinnati Salsa Congress .

This dance group is focused on fun, so even if you're a beginner dancer, you're encouraged to contact Ed. 

Ed began dancing at age 11, performing Colombian folk dancing in Pittsburgh, PA. After moving to California, he trained under famed LA salsa dancer/choreographer, Alex Da Silva, and was a member of the "360 salsa" troupe in San Francisco. Ed has competed in salsa competitions in San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Ed has conducted salsa workshops at several universities, including the University of Pittsburgh, California, Univ. of PA, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Please contact Ed at:

Events : Global Mixx Party @ Mixx Ultra Lounge (Friday, April 17th)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/24 4:40:00 (1721 reads)


 The first ever Global Mixx Party @ Mixx Ultra Lounge (on1203 Vine St.) last Friday, was a lot of fun.

The Belly Dancers from "Anaya Gypsy Dance" group were simply amazing!!! If you ever look for Belly Dance lessons, don't look any further! They are the best!!!

Every Friday, we'll have the best of Reggaeton, R&B, House, and Electronica, with hottest Latin, Arabic, Brazilian, Caribbean, and  Indian rhythms.

Global Mixx: the hottest and eclectic music, the most diverse crowd! 

More pictures are in our Photo Gallery (click here..)

Community : World Dance Day in Cincinnati (Wed. April 29, 2009)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/22 23:50:00 (2154 reads)

“World Rhythms” is a cultural collaboration between NrityArpana School of Performing Arts, MidwestLatino and New American Art Gallery II to celebrate diversity and dance in the Greater Cincinnati area. Under the International Dance Council (CID), an umbrella organization within UNESCO, World Dance Day is celebrated around the globe on Wednesday, April 29th.

Funded by the Ohio Art Council and supported by the Fine Art Fund, this event will be hosted and sponsored by Ballet Tech Cincinnati located at 6543 Montgomery Rd in Cincinnati, Ohio. The evening will include an information session and grant writing workshop conducted by the Fine Art Fund, cultural vendors, and performances by Asian, North and South American, and African dancers. Admission price is $5.00. For more information call Anupa at 509-8477.


4pm-6pm: Fine Arts Fund Brainstorming & Grant Writing Seminar
6pm-6:30pm: Social
6:30       Welcome
6:45        Ballet Tech Cincinnati
7:00        NrityArpana School of Performing Art
7:15       Greater Cincinnati Chinese School Children’s Art Troupe
7:30       Alma De Mexico
7:45       Belly Dancing from Anaya Gypsy
8:00       African American Drum and Dance Ensemble
8:15       Finale -drummers from all the performing groups, with the African group leading the ensemble 

Community : Suspect in Sharonville Murder Arrested in Mexico
Posted by admin on 2009/4/22 6:40:00 (2434 reads)

Today, April 22nd, 2009, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the arrest and commencement of a Mexican prosecution against 34 year-old Santiago Moreno  in the December, 2007 death of fellow Mexican nationals Jose De Jesus Davila Duenas, Manuel Davila Duenas, Conrado Lopez Guardado, Lino Guardado Davila. (read more about this case in this report)

On June 17, 2008 Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters and Assistant Prosecutor Michael Florez traveled to Mexico City, Mexico to present evidence to the Mexican authorities under Article Four of the Penal Code of Procedures for the Republic of Mexico.  Mr. Deters and Mr. Florez presented evidence to the Mexican authorities necessary to begin the apprehension and prosecution of Mexican national Santiago Moreno.

On April 19, 2009 Santiago Moreno was arrested in Tampico, Tampaulipas, which is located along the east coast of Mexico.

All of the Hamilton County cases have been unsealed and Case B 0901668 (4 counts of Aggravated Murder) has been released to the Republic of Mexico for prosecution in Mexico.


Prosecutor Deters commented, “I would like to thank the City of Sharonville, its police department and chief, and in particular Detective Aaron Blasky for their diligent work on this case.  I further commend Special Agent Clay Huesman of the FBI for all of his assistance.  The Mexican government deserves our thanks for their efforts in the apprehension and prosecution of Santiago Moreno.  Specifically the efforts of Miguel Mendez, Deputy Legal Attache of the Office of the Attorney General, Carlos Diaz de Leon of the Special Foreign Prosecution Unit and Mexican Consulate Juan M. Solana should be applauded.  The cooperation between our office and their government is extraordinary.  I have the greatest respect for these men and the jobs they perform and look forward to assisting them in any way for a successful prosecution.

There are two important conclusions from today's press conference:

1) the murder was not a result of a "hate crime", but a simple greed 

2) our justice system in Cincinnati pursues every criminal case, regardless of the people involved, whether they are US citizens or foreign nationals.

There were some voices in the community expressing concerns that there was not much visible activity in solving this case, because the victims were undocumented foreign nationals from Mexico, and therefore the case didn't get required attention.  Today's press conference should put such concerns to rest, as it explained why the investigation had to be sealed so Santiago Moreno wouldn't learn about it. 

And Cincinnati can continue with its reputation as a friendly city that values and promotes diversity, and a place that can be called home by all people, regardless of their country of origin.

You can read more details about the case from this article on

Events : Salsa @ Ballet Tech Cincinnati (Sat. April 25. 28th)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/21 3:40:00 (1771 reads)


Our next "Salsa Saturday" at ballet tech cincinnati is coming up on:

This Saturday, April 25th

With best music by DJs Los Rumberos, best dancers, largest dance floor, and free parking!!!



See more pictures from our last party in our Photo Gallery (click here)

Events : "Sabor Latino" @ Havana Martini Club on Saturday (April 18)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/20 4:50:00 (1644 reads)

"Sabor Latino", the best Salsa band from Columbus, performed last Saturday for the very first time in Cincinnati, in the Havana Martini Club, delivering a high-energy show.

You can see the group in the video below:

Click here to see the video in HDTV 

More pictures are in our Photo Gallery (click here)

Community : 80 Years of LULAC celebration @ Macys (April 16, 2009)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/17 8:40:00 (1583 reads)

On Thursday, April 16th, Cincinnati chapter of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) celebrate 80 years of serving the Latino community.

This even was sponsored by Macy's and Univ. of Phoenix, and took place at Macy's Department Store downtown.

Some of the speakers included:

Mayor Mark Mallory
City Manager Milton Dohoney
State Senator Eric Kearney
Bill Hawthorn (SVP of Macy's)
Chris Montagnion (Univ. of Phoenix)
Superintendent Mary Ronan
Felisa Insignares (P&G)
Maria Lang (Young Readers Coordinator)
Vera Brook (Principal of Roberts Padeia Academy)
Brent Wilkes (LULAC National Director)

More pictures are in our Photo Gallery (click here...)

You can also read this report from article from

Events : Global Mixx Party @ Mixx Ultra Lounge (Friday, April 17th)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/12 8:20:00 (1997 reads)


Global Mixx Party coming to Mixx Ultra Lounge

Big Opening!!!!

Friday, April 17th, 2009

With Live Brazilian Drummers from "New Brasil" group

With Live Belly Dancing by "Anaya Gypsy"

With the best of Reggaeton by DJ Los Rumberos

With best Electronica by DJ Rush

With best of R&B by DJ Chris Paul

Experience the best and most diverse young professional scene in Cincinnati.

Global Mixx Party @ Mixx Ultra Lounge

1203 Main St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 621-6499


Events : Sabor Latino @ Havana Martini Club on Saturday (April 18)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/11 11:30:00 (1755 reads)

This Saturday, April 19th!!!

Sabor Latino, Columbus' premier Latin dance band will be perfoming for the very first time in Cincinnati, at Havana Martini Club on Saturday, April 18th. 

Havana Martini Club is located on 5th St., between Race St. and Vine St.    

Events : April Salsa Birthday Bash @ Ballet Tech Cincinnati (Sat. April 11th)
Posted by admin on 2009/4/10 7:30:00 (2752 reads)


Thanks to all of you who came to our Saturday Salsa Party @ ballet tech cincinnati. It was a blast, and the parties are getting hotter and hotter!!!

With best DJs Los Rumberos, best dancers, largest dance floor, and free parking!!!

Our next "Salsa Saturday" at ballet tech cincinnati is coming up on:

Saturday, April 11th

April Salsa Birthday Bash

Celebrating Birthday of all born in April!!!



Next events are currently scheduled for:

April 25,
May 23

See more pictures from our last party in our Photo Gallery (click here)

Community : Sen. Kearney: Ohio Must Address Divisive Practice of Profiling
Posted by admin on 2009/4/10 7:10:00 (1740 reads)

(Columbus) – State Senator Eric H. Kearney (D- Cincinnati) introduced Senate Bill 107, legislation intended to deter racial profiling and build trust between Ohio’s ethnic minorities and law enforcement. The bill protects anyone from being investigated on the basis of race, ethnicity, or national origin.

“I have a deep respect and admiration for the law enforcement community. The intent of this legislation is not to undermine the officers who protect and serve us professionally and ethically. Rather, my hope is that minorities will feel empowered to work in concert with police to foster safer communities for everyone,” Kearney stated.

The bill gives oversight to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to receive racial profiling complaints, offer mediation and conduct preliminary investigations of the allegations. Law enforcement agencies will also be responsible for maintaining policies to prohibit racial profiling.

“Ohio lags behind other states in addressing this issue. We need to join with the majority of the country in enacting legislation to curb racial profiling,” said Kearney. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 26 states have passed legislation concerning racial profiling, including West Virginia and Kentucky.

Senator Eric H. Kearney represents parts of Cincinnati, St. Bernard, Elmwood Place, Cleves, Cheviot, Norwood, Golf Manor, Columbia Township, Deer Park, Silverton, Springfield Township, North Bend and Addyston.

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