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The UBS Scholars Program at the Freedom Center

Posted by admin on 2007/4/12 4:00:00 (2211 reads)

The UBS Scholars program is an initiative of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, collaborating with SmartMoney Community Services, Joy Outdoor Education Center, Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, and University of Cincinnati. This collaborative and community-based initiative is designed to enhance pathways for increasing youth leadership and economic empowerment for 100 Cincinnati high school students (current 8th-11th graders), while reinforcing civic responsibility and volunteer efforts for the Greater Cincinnati youth in underserved communities. 

Freedom Center is looking for 100 potential future leaders to participate in a yearlong leadership and mentoring program. Each student in the program will be assigned a mentor. This mentor will help them with college choices and financial decisions. Participants will meet monthly (1st Tuesday) with their mentors at the Freedom Center. We are seeking youth who can be potential leaders, those who are in the middle of the margins. Those who get lost in the "shuffle". This program would be beneficial to those students that need a little guidance and push to become productive citizens. We are seeking participants from low income families. The program GPA requirement is 2.0. GPA is not the deciding factor-potential of the student will be the deciding factor. Participants will realize substantive achievement and personal growth in the eight strategic areas listed below:

1.      Leadership
2.      Academic performance
3.      Cooperation and team building
4.      College admission
5.      Character and integrity
6.      Employment and career development
7.      Financial literacy
8.      Self Confidence - Citizenship

There are four major events of the UBS Scholars Program:

June 8-9 2007- Scholars/mentors will have a two-day experience at Joy Outdoor Education Center (Leadership workshop and Underground Railroad experience)

August 7, 2007 to April 2008-Scholars will begin monthly SmartSavers Workshops in which trained facilitators will teach basic financial responsibilities and budgeting.
10 and 11th grade scholars will receive a 500 dollar stipend if they meet monthly savings/class attendance requirements.

November 3, 2007-Scholars/mentors will attend Voices of the Future Youth Conference at University of Cincinnati

May 6, 2008-Scholars graduate from UBS Scholars Program with special ceremony at the Freedom Center.

Attached is a UBS Scholars application and description of the program (click here). Please distribute widely. The application deadline is April 30, 2007.  Youth applicants can send completed applications to Michael Griffin via email at, or via fax 513.333.7716 or mailed to the Freedom Center using the address below. If you have any questions about this program, please contact:

Michael Griffin, MSW
Race Relations Researcher
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
50 E. Freedom Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Main #:513.333.7500
Direct #: 513.333.7506
Fax #:513.333.7716

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