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Salsa Class Series at Step N Out with Saulo Cepeda

Posted by admin on 2010/1/14 8:30:00 (2768 reads)
From our good friend Saulo Cepeda (check out his B-Day video):
Hello to all avid and aspiring Salseros in the area (i.e. as far and wide an area as this e-mail reaches).  Some of you already know that I am aiming to start a set of 6 week Salsa series at Step-n-Out Studio in Covington, KY.  The classes focus strickly on Social Salsa (as opposed to performance) techniques.  I start teaching on Friday, Jan 22.  Below are some details on the classes I intend to offer.  General prices are below the descriptions:
1) "Zero to Hero" Social Salsa Series (Part 1): Friday’s (7 – 8 pm)
This is a six week group class specially designed for either absolute beginners as well as those of you who had some recent instruction but little experience (6 weeks - 12 months) in Salsa. 
You know... the Salsa bug bit you hard and fast, you got the basics down pat, and you are starting to master the rhythm. You are totally addicted but... you are dying to get sharp and look good on the dance floor fast!  You want to take the fist strong steps be a smooth lead or a sharp follower.
The class starts from the very basics and covers all fundamental techniques that you should know in order to truly stand out on the dance floor.  Leaders will not only learn to lead smoothly, clearly and on time.  They will also learn the key to creating and improvise multiple patterns (yes, even at the beginner level).  Followers will learn proper timing, footwork, preparation and execution techniques to recognize and follow the most common styles of salsa.  Basic Styling techniques will be introduced as well so both male and female can learn to make their movement more gracious and visually attractive on the dance floor without interfering with partner-work!
Part 2 of this series is scheduled to begin in Mar and will pick up where part 1 leaves in order to develop you into a fully proficient salsa dancer up to an intermediate level.
2)  Advanced Fundamentals for Beginner/Intermediate Salsa Dancers: Fridays (8 – 9 pm)
This is tailored for dancers who feel clearly at home with the basics footwork, combinations and the rhythm of salsa and are now capable of learning/executing increasingly complex salsa patterns comfortably.  After hard and fast review of the fundamentals on the first two weeks, the class will introduced new patterns every week with the purpose to introduced/work/master specific skills!

If you have taken lessons and/or have been dancing for more than a year but are somehow frustrated with your progress this class is for you.  If you are wondering what the secret is to create, lead/follow complex (or improvised) patterns at higher levels with ease you will be in the right place.  If you want to be the follower every Lead seeks to dance with first, you really need to be here! 

Group ClassIndividual PriceCash DiscountCouples Cash Discount
Walk ins $15nono
6 Class Series$65$60$110
New Student Special (Limited to first 12 students to sign in)
Two 30 minutes private lessons + 6 group lesson series  

That's is all for now. You may contact me at CSAULO@YAHOO.COM for additional questions or details.  Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think might be interested. Looking forward to hear from you soon. I will stay in contact,

Yours truly,

Saulo Cepeda
P.S. Below is a separate project for your early consideration.  Enjoy!

Pre-Chicago Salsa Congress Salsa workshop – Complex patterns - Fire hose style (on 1): This is primarily geared to those dancers planning to attend the Chicago salsa congress scheduled for the second weekend of Feb. and want to sharpen their salsa skills before they get there! Now, whether you are going there or not, this is for dancers who feel clearly at home with the basics and advanced beginner techniques.  This is for dancers that master the rhythm and timing of salsa and are now capable of learning/executing complex salsa patterns comfortably and deal with some level of improvisation on the spot.

The idea is a 4 - 6 hour workshop the weekend prior to the Congress, to get you comfortable with the style of salsa you will find there, teach you a good deal of interesting new moves along the way, and drill you extensively on proper and effective leading and following the moves and combos you're already familiar with but want/need to master before the Congress.  As a bonus there will be an opportunity for those who been wondering about specific moves you seen me execute on the social dance floor and would like me to break the timing and technique for you. I have a good deal of stuff planned already but feel free to shoot back with question and/or suggestions or requests on this. Stay tuned for more details location, price, etc.  Logic tells me that the best time would be the 1st weekend of February (Sat or Sun). I am looking for a minimum of 16 interested participants with a max of 30 people. First come, first served.

I am working on bringing 2-3 female assistants (depending on the # of attendees) of various level experience so technique for either gender should not be an issue. Lady's this may be the opportunity to start coercing some of those guys you been hoping will get serious with their salsa. Guys what can I say... your chance to shine, don't let it pass you by.

Ah! Just in case you were wondering... yes... I will soon be working on a "Train the Trainer" workshop for those of you who teach or will eventually like to teach. You thought I forgot about you. Didn't you? Ssshhh! I'll tell u later  

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