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Community Action Agency (CAA)

Posted by admin on 2006/9/26 5:00:00 (1550 reads)
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Midwestlatino has recently visited Community Action Agency (CAA) in Cincinnati to learn more about their work in the community, and their support for Latinos/Hispanics in this area.

Community Action was created with the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) of 1964 as a part of President Lyndon B. Johnson's "War on Poverty." The ambitious purpose of this statute was to eliminate the causes and consequences of poverty in the United States. The act established a federal Office of Economic Opportunity, headed by Sargent Shriver, and created organizations called Community Action Agencies (CAAs) that would develop strategies to solve local issues of poverty.

The mission of CAA is to "To act as advocate, provider and facilitator for the full range of public and private resources, programs and policies which give low- to moderate-income individuals the opportunity to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities."

Since many of the Latino families fall into this category, CAA is making a concious effort to reach out to them.

And it definitely helps to have a Latino on the Board of Directors. V. Anthony Simms-Howell, member of the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, has been a pillar of the Latino community for years and now is making sure that CAA has the required resources to serve the Latino community. They have a total of 385 employees of which 15 are Latinos. They also have two Spanish speaking non-Latino employees. All of their services are designed with Latinos in mind - Voice messages are done in Spanish; Some staffs are attending now Spanish classes, and all program information is done in both English and Spanish.

Under the leadership of CEO Gwen L. Robinson, CAA is constantly expanding its services and the positive impact on the community. The agency moved last year to their new location at Jordan Crossing, providing state of the art facility for their visitors. The most important service is the Head Start, an early childhood educational program, which is based on a program championed by LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens).

To learn more about CAA, visit their Website:

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More pictures are in the Cincinnati section of our Photo Gallery (click here).
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