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President Clinton calls for greater economic education

Posted by admin on 2007/3/25 8:20:00 (3008 reads)

 President Bill Clinton with MidwestLatino Founder, Michael Beck

 In a recent meeting with LULAC leaders commemorating the 78th anniversary of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in Washington, D.C., former President Bill Clinton was advocating greater economic and financial education of Latinos in order to reduce dependancy on so-called "payday loans" and other access-to-cash programs, such as rapid tax refunds, that may cost Latinos interests ranging from 40 percent to 500 percent.

"The solution is preparing a budget, expanding access to alternatives," Mr. Clinton said. "I understand why this is happening. People need immediate access (to funds) for (financial) emergencies." He asked for LULAC's help in educating the community about budgeting and other economic issues.

Mr. Clinton was recognized by LULAC with a "Presidential Award" during the group's 10th annual National Legislative Award gala. The award is presented to those who "defend and promote" the Hispanic community in the United States.

MidwestLatino will be working with LULAC and local financial institutions to promote seminars and workshops focused on economic and financial education for Latinos/Hispanics. If you would like to be part of this effort, please contact us at
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