Interview with Anne Marie Carroll

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Interview with Anne Marie Carroll

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* Anne Marie, you're of Latin descent, what country are you parents from?

I am half Mexican... My Mothers side.

* Did you have any exposure to Latino culture when growing up?

 Absolutely. My grandparents and all my aunts and uncles are here, so we have a big family. I grew up with Mexican food at all family gathering and the older generations speaking Spanish and at some very special occasions we would even have a mariachi abuelo loved mariachi bands.

* Do you speak any Spanish?

 I speak only a little bit. I have been to Spanish speaking countries and can get by... but not as well as I would like. My dad doesn't speak Spanish so we didn't hear it much in our house as kids.

* Did you ever performed in bilingual plays where you were able to use Spanish?

 I was able to use it once... There is a scene in the musical Working that is about the struggle and hard work that a mexican migrant worker experienced growing up. It was one guy and myself; I did all the lines in Spanish and he did them in English and then we sang a song together called Un Mejor Dia. It was a really cool experience.

* Why did you get interested in theater?

 I have loved doing theatre for as long as I can remember. I started in elementary school... In church and with the Music Theatre for Young People. My parents say now that I would just come home and tell them that there was a show coming up and I wanted to try to be in it, and was that okay with them?! They've always been very supportive.

* Why did you get interested in "Red Light Winter"?

 Honestly, I hadn't read Red Light until I got the job at Know and they offered me the role. I had read some of Rapp's other plays and really liked his work so I was excited about it. The funny thing is, the more I worked with the script, the more I liked it. The characters have so many layers that it was really exciting finding all their little nuances.

* What are you plans for the future?

 I am not really sure yet what the next year is going to hold for me. I just did a national audition last week and talked to companies from all over the country... but I'm also really liking it here in Cincinnati... so I guess I'll figure it out soon! Eventually I would like to move to NY or Chicago, to pursue theatre there.

Thank you so much and good luck in your career

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