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Building the Latino Future


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BUILDING THE LATINO FUTURE: Success Stories for the Next Generation (Wiley; May 2008; $24.95; Hardcover), by Frank Carbajal and Humberto Medina, is a compilation of the inspiring stories of dozens of men and women who, despite humble beginnings, meager resources, and limited opportunities, beat the odds and rose to become leaders in their professions. Their stories describe the habits, strategies, beliefs, and resources that enabled these icons to make it to the top.

From actor and activist Edward James Olmos, readers will learn the value of self-discipline and focusing on one’s goals. Henry Cisneros, former Secretary of Housing in the Clinton administration, writes about finding opportunity right in one’s own community. And NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia presents a shining example of how perseverance pays off.

This fascinating look into the lives of successful Latinos goes beyond biography to provide a future framework to use in building an exciting career. Readers will learn how to: • Focus on specific goals and develop a plan to achieve them • Make sure you get the education you need to succeed • Take advantage of the support available in your community • Put all of your energy into achieving your goal • Bounce back after disappointments • Find a unique route to success Other noteworthy profiles include Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent with PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Wal-Mart board member Aida Alvarez, Stanford University Professor Emeritus Jerry Porras, and New Mexico Governor and former presidential candidate Bill Richardson.


Recently we were able to talk to one of the the authors - Frank Carbajal

1. Tell me what the book is about…

Building the Latino Future Success Stories for the Next Generation is By Frank Carbajal and Humberto Medina with Foreword by bestselling author, Ken Blanchard.

Over the last two decades, Latinos in the United States have risen to places of prominence in every walk, from politics, industry, and education to sports, entertainment, and journalism. Latinos can be found at the head of charitable foundations, food industry giants, technology companies, media empires, and more.

2. Why is this book more important than ever before?

Latinos are the largest fastest growing minority-majority in the United States. By 2011 the buying power among the Latino market will have exceeded 1 trillion dollars

3. What’s the biggest surprise you found in researching and while writing this book?

In writing a non-fiction inspirational Leadership book, it takes a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance. In conducting research the biggest surprise was the fact that less than 1.5 % of Latinos sit on fortune 500 corporate boards.

4. At Invincibelle, we stand for women to help them make powerful choices, what are some choices you had to make to write this book?

Understanding the Latino culture, is to understand and identify Latinos with the unique complexity of the representation in America from Mexicans, to Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, South Americans to 2nd, 3rd generation Latinos that all have share the common goal which is to succeed in the 3 pillars: education, politics, and economics.

5. Aside from Latinos, tell us more about some noted Latinas you interviewed?

Aida Alvarez, former SBA under former President Bill Clinton, Janet Murguia CEO of NCLR, which is the largest advocacy group in the US, Sara Martinez Tucker –Former CEO of Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Miriam Rivera-Former VP General Counsel at Google, and Margarita Quihuis-CEO of Hispanic-Net to name a few.

6. What were some obstacles the leaders featured in your book overcame to get where they are?

Growing up in Barrios, which is known as lower-socioeconomic communities with meager resources, and overcoming these obstacles to be the first, or second in their families to attain a college degree, some from Ivy League, top-tier universities.

7. What are some industries that still lack Latin leaders in the US?

In Corporate America, fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies need to encourage corporate head hunters to identify the Latino talent, recruit, retain and strategically plan with these Latinos to build on their start-up companies, or organizations

8. What are some challenges of next generation of Latino leaders?

The focus on broad academic skills, attending to language issues, and overall poverty issues, which also contribute to Latino parents have the lowest overall education levels of any ethnic group in the United States

9. What resources are needed to grow Latin leadership?

Attainable scholarship opportunities for Latinos, economic streaming into the Latino communities and building the pipeline.

10. What is your guidance for the upcoming generation of Latino leaders?

With my book my mission is to press with due diligence to convey the message that Latinos are the future of the new fabric of America. I have also started my company Estiempo LLC, which is a Latinos speakers and consulting bureau.

Thank you for your time and good luck with this book and your company.

About the Authors

Frank Carbajal lives in Santa Clara , California , where he is President of Es Tiempo, a coaching firm specializing in life and business coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley . He holds an MA in human resources management and a bachelor's degree in social work. For more information, please visit

Humberto Medina is a speaker for The Ken Blanchard Companies® as well as a director and consultant for Latin American operations. He partners with businesses throughout South America, Europe, and the United States to improve the leadership and productivity of organizations in such varied industries as telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, government, manufacturing, utility, and mining.

Interviews: Interviews with people making a difference in the Latino/Hispanic community

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