Interview with Josafat Celedon

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Local Hispanic actor Josafat Celedon

[b]* Where are you from?[/b] I’m from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. [b]* How old are you?[/b] I’m 25 years old. [b]* What inspired you to become an actor?[/b] When I was a kid, my grandmother helped my family financially. When I was a child my mother moved to the States to earn more money and provide better education for my sisters and I. And my grandmother was the one that was always there for me and became my main caretaker. She was one of the people that inspired my career as an actor. Not just because she understood me in that time, but because she gave me the ideas to understand life without a mother. So I think that was the main impulse to do what I wanted at that time and that was to tell everybody what was my pain. My frustration of being the only one without a mother on Mother’s Day at school needed an outlet. She was a lovely person and a mother for me. Basically, she showed me a different way to understand life without the company of my parents but I can say that another person that impulsed me to have a career in arts was my teacher Teresa Redondo. At the age of 13, she was one of my best friends and her ideas are still with me. Also, my real mother encouraged me to follow my dreams. So I can say that those three women gave me the impulse to become an actor. [b]* What were your first performing experiences?[/b] When I was a kid, I participated in many festivals of dance, acting & poetry at my school and that was the only moment in that I felt free to express myself in front of all the students, teachers, and directors. I can call that one of the most beautiful sensations that I can have in my life. Since that time, I didn't want to quit that sensation. I was looking for any opportunity to perform. Anything was good for me just to feel the sensation one more time. It created in me a necessity to look for it. At the age of 17 I moved to the capital, Mexico City, to continue taking professional acting classes. While watching TV I found out about the famous actors Luis Felipe Tovar and Sylvia Pasquel, both of them had acting schools and I thought, “Why not give it a shot?” The most beautiful experience about acting was introduced to me by Javier Rivas and Maria Eugenia Bravo. Both were teachers at these schools. I was always looking for ways to surprise them. I remember that they knew me well and they knew the piece that I was missing in a way to perform believable as in real life. [b]* How did you end up in Cincinnati?[/b] Well, this is a long story but I will make it short for you. My grandmother passed away and I wanted to reconnect with my mother. In that time she was living here and the sensation to be with the person that gave me life was strong in me. So I dropped everything and I came here to see her. I was again that little kid at school on Mother’s Day but this time I knew for sure that I would see her. That’s why I came here. I also met my nieces. I had two at that time, now I have three. I reconnected with my family like the missing piece that always plays a role but you don’t have it and you know it’s part of it, but in this case is there so you can enjoy. Months passed and I met the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life. I was lucky to become a part of her life and I didn’t want to go away from her. I married her and I stayed in Cincinnati with the people that I love. [b]* Did you find jobs as an actor?[/b] The first person that gave me an opportunity in acting and also one of the people that I am most thankful for is Greg Procaccino, a great person, great actor and great director. Since then I’m still working with him. The latest production is “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and soon “Amedias,” a show in Spanish. [b]* What are your hopes for the future?[/b] About acting, I would like to form the first Hispanic acting group in Cincinnati. That’s one of my goals. About my personal life, I hope for good health for my family and I, and after that, happiness. I always stay positive. Whatever comes, I accept it and keep moving until the end.

Published: 2009/11/16